The 10 Best DJ Mixers Reviews & Buying Guide

When it comes to DJing, having the right tools can make all the difference between a mediocre performance and a fantastic one. One of the most essential tools in a DJ’s arsenal is the mixer, which allows them to seamlessly transition between songs, adjust volume levels, apply effects, and more. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the best DJ mixers on the market, with a focus on the Features that matter most to DJs. From high-quality audio to intuitive controls and versatile connectivity options, these mixers have everything a DJ needs to take their sets to the next level. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, read on to discover the best DJ mixers available today.

Best DJ Mixer in 2023

Best DJ Mixer Reviews

1. Numark M2 – 2-Channel Scratch DJ Mixer

Numark Channel Scratch DJ Mixer

Numark is quite a popular brand when it comes to DJ equipment. It is presenting a decent 2 channel DJ mixer under an affordable price range.

Coming in 1st place, we have the Numark M2 DJ mixer. This is a 2 channel scratch DJ mixer that comes with 3 band EQ and also a microphone input if you wish to add vocals to your mix. It is a highly versatile DJ mixer made for beginners as well as professionals, as you will find the most important features present on this unit. AS it comes with essential features necessary for live events, you can use this device for professional applications as well.

For the I/O, you will get 2 line RCA inputs, 1 mic input, a master RCA output, and stereo output for headphones. Both of the channels on the Numark M2 have a replaceable crossfader along with slope controls and reverse controls.

The 3 band EQ is separately available for each channel so that you can match the style of the mix to your own style. Along with all of these features, you also get to buy a highly portable DJ mixer that is easier to carry and install at any location. You will also get rackmount facilities included with the Numark M2.

Best Features

  • Versatile option
  • Suitable for all users
  • 2 channel DJ mixer
  • Essential features for mixing are available
  • 2 line RCA input
  • Master RCA output
  • Mic input available


  • Replaceable crossfader for each channel
  • Dedicated channel level fader
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • More channels should have been provided

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2. Maono Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card

Maono Audio Interface with DJ Mixer and Sound Card

While putting together a DJ set, you will need many external accessories along with a decent DJ Mixer. Therefore, Maono is bringing a great interface set for you.

Our 3rd choice for the best DJ mixer is the Maono Audio Interface with DJ Mixer. This is more of a set that includes various other equipment along with the DJ mixer. In the package, you will receive a DJ mixer, a 25 mm large-diaphragm condenser microphone, and a dedicated microphone arm to mount the unit. As for the mixer, it is highly compact and has an attractive interface backed by LED illumination. It is compatible with both Windows as well as iOS platforms. The DJ mixer has 4 programmable pads as well as 8 fixed audio effects backed with noise reduction technology to provide clear output.

The Maono Audio Interface with DJ Mixer is specifically designed for podcast hosts or for those who are planning to launch a podcast channel. Therefore, they also include a mic and other necessary peripherals that you will need alongside the mic. On the included mixer, you will find a 10 step reverb setting, 12 step electronic music settings, and 3 customizable tones to give you the best editing and creative control. There is also a special denoise button which is helpful at the time of live recording. You will also receive a 12-month warranty on the unit, which is simply great.

Best Features

  • Best value for the money option
  • Audio interface set along with the DJ mixer
  • 25 mm large-diaphragm condenser microphone included
  • Microphone accessories included
  • LED illuminated DJ mixer
  • 4 programmable pads
  • 8 fixed audio effects


  • It has great editing options
  • Suitable for live recording with denoise functionality
  • It comes with a year of warranty


  • More suitable for podcasts rather than mixing

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3. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board

Pyle Professional Audio Mixer Sound Board

Pyle is yet another highly affordable brand present on our picks. However, the DJ mixer from Pyle features more channels and is suitable for experienced mixers.

Our 2nd choice for the best DJ mixer is the Pyle Professional Audio Mixer. Even though it is a highly affordable option, the Pyle Professional Audio Mixer features 4 channels for mixing and high-end connectivity options. Most importantly, it supports USB and flash reader along with support for MP3. You can even connect your Bluetooth-powered devices with the DJ mixer for easier access. It can wirelessly stream music directly from your iPad, iPhone, or even Android smartphone to make the process completely hassle-free.

Talking about the I/O on this DJ mixer, you will be getting a mic as well as stereo lines for the inputs. It also supports XLR as well as unbalanced input. There is also a highly accurate LED indicator that will represent the peak levels on the stream. For the mixing, you will have access to 3 band EQ on all channels, which are very easy to handle. Talking about the durability of this device, you will be glad to know that it is made up of rugged steel with sealed controls so that it is safe from external as well as internal damage.

Best Features

  • Budget-friendly DJ mixer
  • 4 channels
  • Supports USB as well as flash readers
  • Supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Mic and stereo line inputs present
  • Great build quality
  • Outer body made of steel


  • Sealed controls to prevent damage caused by dust and dirt
  • Supports online services like Spotify and Pandora via smartphone connection
  • LED indicator


  • Compact size might make it harder to use for some users

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4. Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer Sound Board

Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer Sound Board

Professional DJ mixer kits aren’t as easily available as compared to other options. But, the DJ mixer from Depusheng is a high-end choice that costs quite low compared to premium options.

The Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer is a preferred option for experienced mixers as it has 8 channels and lots of effects to be used in the mixes. It is also highly compatible with a lot of devices such as USB drives, memory cards, or MP3 players. On top of that, you get a Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect your smartphone with the DJ mixer seamlessly. Even though it is a complicated and professional choice, it has a very thin chassis measuring only up to 1.4 inches. Even the controls are completely sealed to keep the insides clean and safe.

With the Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer, you will get a mic as well as stereo line inputs. In total, there are 8 channel mono inputs available on this mixer that can be utilized alongside the 3 band EQ. The Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer also gives you a 2 channel level display which is highly accurate in terms of indication. The Depusheng DX8 Professional Mixer can be used almost globally with its new multi-voltage power supply.

Best Features

  • A preferred choice for experienced users
  • 8 channels
  • Compatible with USB drives, memory cards, and MP3 players
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • 4 inches chassis
  • Sealed controls
  • 3 band EQ


  • Multi-voltage power supply for global compatibility
  • 15 volts DC power adapter included
  • 60 mm durability fader


  • Not a good choice for beginners

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5. Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Ultimate

Behringer Digital Pro Mixer

Behringer is bringing yet another highly professional DJ mixer to our selection today. The DJ mixer from Behringer also features multiple channels and an attractive design.

Behringer is a premium brand, and so is the DJ mixer set designed by Behringer. The Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 is also a professional choice as it features 5 channels. Also, there are 4 photo/line stereo channels so that you can connect up to 8 simultaneous sources at once. On top of that, there are 2 inputs provided to connect microphones. Each of these inputs supports gain control, EQ, and talk function for better quality input.

The Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 is a 32 bit DJ mixer with a built-in beat sampler and 4 multi-FX sections. There are dedicated beat counters as well as digital crossfader along with MIDI support. The stereo channel also has gain controls and offers mixing via the 3 band EQ. If you use DJ software, then you will definitely enjoy the MIDI support on the Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000. This can become a fully-featured MIDI controller for the software to make the mixing easier than ever.

Best Features

  • Professional 5 channel DJ mixer
  • 32-bit digital DJ mixer
  • 4 multi-FX sections,
  • Crossfader and MIDI compatible
  • 2 microphone inputs are provided
  • Up to 8 signals can be connected simultaneously
  • 3 band EQ


  • LED illuminated DJ mixer
  • It can be used as a MIDI controller for DJ software
  • BPM synchronized sampling


  • Not suitable for learners and beginners

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6. Yaeccc Store 4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer

Yaeccc Store Channel Professional Powered Mixer

We are back with yet another highly affordable choice from our picks. The next budget-friendly DJ mixer is coming from Yaeccc. While this brand is not as popular as other options, you will surely get your money’s worth from this unit.

Getting a high-grade DJ mixer under a tight budget is quite a difficult task. But, the Yaeccc 4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer might be a great solution for such instances. This is also a 3 band EQ DJ mixer despite coming at an affordable price range. It consists of 7 channels with a dedicated EQ controller for each channel. It also has a USB interface so that you can directly connect USB devices with the DJ mixer. The mic input operates with low noise levels with preamplified input to provide crisp audio quality at the output.

There are XLR mic connectors present on all mono channels which further helps with recording vocals and mic input. The Yaeccc 4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer is powered by a 90 to 240 volts US plug, and it is highly convenient to carry around thanks to its compact design. The frequency response for the Yaeccc 4/7 Channel Professional Powered Mixer ranges from 10 Hz all the way up to 70 kHz. Furthermore, the gain range is -8 dB to +15 dB, whereas the mic levels can be varied from +13 dB to +60 dB.

Best Features

  • Budget-friendly DJ mixer
  • 7 channel
  • 3 band EQ
  • Dedicated EQ controller for all channels
  • USB interface
  • Low noise and pre-amplified mic input
  • Convenient to carry


  • Very high-frequency responsive range
  • Gain can be adjusted
  • Suitable for many applications


  • Not suitable for global usage

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7. Hayner-Seek Store Podcast Equipment Bundle

Hayner-Seek Store Podcast Equipment BundleHayner-Seek is bringing yet another suitable choice specifically designed for podcasts. It is also available at a reasonable price tag compared to other podcast-focused DJ mixers.

Next up, we have a great solution for those who are seeking a fine-tuned DJ mixer, especially for podcasts. This is also a bundle that includes a sound mixer, podcast microphone, microphone tripod, earphones and other necessary cables. The DJ mixer offers the most necessary features such as sound mixing, bass adjustments, treble adjustments, input noise reduction, voice changers and much more. There are 7 dedicated preset sound modes present on this mixer along with 12 effects and 4 voice modulation options. It can also be used as a portable device as it has a built-in 1000 mAh battery and wireless functionality.

As for the microphone, you will find its high end as it is a condenser microphone that generates great output. The microphone is capable of a 120 kHz sample rate and 24-bit bitrate for crisp audio quality.

Even the aesthetics of the Hayner-Seek DJ mixer is quite remarkable as you will be getting a rainbow color flashing LED-powered base that can be adjusted according to your preference. Therefore, this is basically an all-in-one unit for you if you wish to start your own podcast series. This will be a great starter unit under an affordable budget range.

Best Features

  • A professional podcast focused bundle
  • Includes sound mixer, microphone, microphone tripod, and necessary cables
  • 7 dedicated preset sound modes
  • 12 sound effects
  • 4 options for sound modulation
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Condenser microphone


  • Microphone quality is great
  • Offers cordless operation via the built-in battery
  • Wireless functionality via Bluetooth


  • Not suitable for professional audio mixing or DJs

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8. Gemini MM1 Professional Audio 2-Channel Stereo


Gemini MM1 Professional Audio 2-Channel StereoGemini is featuring the cheapest DJ mixer set to present on our picks for the best DJ mixer. Still, it is a highly versatile set.

The Gemini MM1 Professional AudioDJ mixer is more of a compact unit compared to most other picks present on this list. Measuring just 8 x 5 x 12 inches, this pocket DJ mixer consists of 2 channels which is perfect for beginners. It also features a 2 band EQ with gain control so that you can easily blend the tracks together along with introducing required effects. It features a smooth crossfaded built-in on the device that helps you mix the tracks without putting a lot of errors in the transition. There are individual gain controllers provided for each stream so that you can keep the process clean and productive.

The Gemini MM1 Professional Audio DJ mixer features rotary adjustment for headphone volume that quickly lets you adjust the sound level on the output within set limits. The same goes for the EQ controllers on this device that work in similar fashion.

The Gemini MM1 Professional Audio DJ mixer consists of 2 line RCA inputs and a single master RCA output. There is also a dedicated ¼ inch port given for mic input if required. Getting access to all of these features in a pocket-friendly device is a great aspect and suits the usage of someone who wishes to mix music on the go.

Best Features

  • Highly compact unit
  • Measures 8 x 5 x 12 inches
  • 2 channels
  • 2 band EQ
  • Built-in smooth crossfaded
  • 2 line RCA inputs
  • Rotary adjustment for headphone


  • Very compact and portable unit
  • Great build quality
  • Smooth controls


  • Not suitable for professional installations

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9. RANE DJ Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

RANE DJ Channel Mixer for Serato DJRANE is a leading brand in the DJ industry, providing high-quality DJ equipment for professional, club and scratch DJs. Their latest product, the RANE SEVENTY-TWO MKII DJ Mixer, is a game-changer for DJs who demand perfection in their performances.

The RANE SEVENTY-TWO MKII DJ Mixer allows DJs to unleash their full creative power with Serato DJ Pro software. The mixer features a full-color touchscreen for immediate feedback on all critical DJ performance functions, stackable Serato and Flex FX, MAG FOUR faders, custom parameter control, dual DVS inputs, and 16 multi-function Akai Professional MPC trigger pads.

Best Features:

  • 4.3” touchscreen for moving-wave display, X/Y FX control, song selection and user customizations
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs
  • Dual FLEX FX engines and chain-integrated Software Effect plus one internal Flex Effect per channel
  • 16 Akai Pro MPC performance pads w/RGB backlight and 14 pad modes
  • Full on-board Serato DJ Pro transport/pad control, unlocks Serato DVS with Serato’s Official included Control Vinyl included; also ships with Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion


  • Solid steel construction with dual die-cast aluminum FX paddles and class-leading audio quality
  • External and internal crossfader tension adjust controls for customized integration
  • Legacy control meets modern convenience with USB controller inputs for RANE TWELVE MKII


  • May be considered expensive for novice DJs with a limited budget.

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10. Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

If you are a DJing enthusiast, then you must be familiar with the brand Pioneer. This brand has been providing professional-grade DJ equipment for over a decade now and is a preferred choice of many renowned artists.

Next up, we are featuring a DJ mixer for professionals and veteran DJs. The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is going to be an all-inclusive DJ mixer that might cost you a bit extra compared to other options but will offer you a great selection of features. Unlike most other DJ mixers, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 has a built-in soundcard that powers the 2 channel operation. It has a highly durable Magvel crossfader that is also common for even more premium grade units. This DJ mixer is designed for ultimate performance so that you can unleash your creativity without worrying about the limitations of the device.

There are independent channel filters provided for the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 that allow you to adjust the resonance and tension on each stream separately. Thus, you will be getting high-quality sound output from the device, whether you are using a digital or analog sound source. You will also find dual output jacks present on the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 so that you can plug in the standard 3.5 mm headphone or ¼ inch stereo jack for output. You can also unlock the pro features on the Serato DJ Pro software after connecting this unit to the system.

Best Features

  • Designed for professionals
  • Premium yet highly powerful DJ mixer
  • Built-in soundcard
  • Magvel crossfader
  • Independent channel filters
  • Excellent output quality for both digital and analog inputs
  • Supports pro features on the Serato DJ Pro software


  • Provides access to premium-grade features
  • Wide compatibility
  • Dual headphone outputs


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How To Choose A DJ Mixer?

When it comes to buying the best DJ mixers, it is essential to consider various important features to make an informed decision. After thorough research, the top features that users should look into before buying the best DJ mixers are club or scratch capability, input channels, software compatibility, audio interface, mixer outputs, and gain controls.

1. Club or Scratch

Capability refers to the type of mixer that will best suit your DJing needs. Club mixers are designed for live performance and feature longer faders, EQs, and multiple channels to handle various sources. Scratch mixers, on the other hand, prioritize the crossfader, cue buttons, and smooth faders for seamless, rapid adjustments during scratching. So, choose a mixer that fits your DJing style.

2. Input Channels

These are the number of available inputs on a mixer to connect various audio sources. It is important to consider how many input channels you will need, such as turntables, CDJs, microphones, or external audio sources like smartphones and laptops. The more input channels a mixer has, the more flexibility it offers to DJs.

3. Software Compatibility

It is a crucial feature to determine if a mixer can work with the DJ software you prefer. Some mixers are designed to work with specific DJ software like Traktor, Serato, and Virtual DJ. So, make sure to check the mixer’s compatibility with the DJ software you want to use.

4. Audio Interface

It refers to the sound quality and signal processing capabilities of a mixer. A good quality audio interface should produce clear and high-quality sound, with minimum noise and distortion. High-end mixers usually have built-in audio interfaces and dedicated soundcards for optimal sound quality.

5. Mixer Outputs

It determine how and where the sound will be delivered. There are usually two types of outputs available: balanced and unbalanced outputs. The balanced outputs allow for longer cable runs without signal interference, while unbalanced outputs are suitable for shorter cable runs. Make sure to choose a mixer with the output type that best suits your DJing environment.

6. Gain Controls

It regulate the input signal levels and overall DJ mix volume. Properly adjusted gain controls ensure that the levels are balanced and do not cause distortions or sound clipping. Therefore, it is important to have responsive gain controls available for each channel on your mixer.

When choosing the best DJ mixers, consider the above essential features to find the right mixer for your DJing style. Paying attention to these features ensures that you make an informed decision and enjoy your DJing experience to the fullest.


The world of DJ mixers can be an overwhelming one, with so many options and variations available. However, the products discussed in this article have stood out from the competition on the basis of their unique features and high-quality performance. From wireless capabilities to advanced sound processing, these mixers offer everything that DJs and music enthusiasts need to take their craft to the next level. Ultimately, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, investing in one of these top-rated mixers is sure to make your performances that much more memorable and impressive.

DJ Mixer – FAQs

1.  Are DJ mixers only suitable for professional DJs, or can beginners use them too?

Ans: DJ mixers cater to both professionals and beginners. There are beginner-friendly options with intuitive controls and advanced features for those looking to explore their DJing skills.

2.  Can I connect multiple devices to a DJ mixer simultaneously?

Ans: Yes, most DJ mixers offer multiple input options, allowing you to connect turntables, CD players, laptops, and other audio sources simultaneously. This flexibility enhances your mixing capabilities.

3.  Is it necessary to have a DJ mixer with built-in effects?

Ans: While not essential, having built-in effects on a DJ mixer can greatly enhance your mixes. Effects like reverb, delay, and filters provide creative possibilities and allow you to add unique elements to your tracks.

4. Can I use a DJ mixer with my computer or laptop?

Ans: Absolutely! Most modern DJ mixers are designed to work seamlessly with computers and laptops. They often come with USB connectivity, allowing you to connect and control DJ software for a comprehensive mixing experience.

5. Can I use a DJ mixer for live performances other than DJing?

Ans: Yes! DJ mixers are not limited to DJ performances only. They can also be used for live performances by musicians, bands, and even podcasters, thanks to their versatile features and audio routing capabilities.

6. Are there any DJ mixers specifically designed for mobile or portable setups?

Ans: Yes, there are DJ mixers available that are specifically designed for mobile or portable setups. These mixers are often compact, lightweight, and may offer additional features like battery power options or compatibility with mobile devices.