The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

Agricultural technology, agritech market, agtech, precision farming, livestock technology, biotech crops, farm automation

Published August 2023 | 810 pages, 92 figures, 50 tables | Download table of contents

Global Market for Agricultural Technology Surges as Sector Embraces Sustainability

Advanced agricultural technologies like robotics, AI, genetics, and sensors are transforming farming. This report provides in-depth analysis of key technologies revolutionizing agriculture for sustainability and profitability.

Contents Include:

  • Vertical farming tech like aeroponics, hydroponics, LEDs and automation
  • Crop biotech including gene editing, synthetic biology and seed enhancements
  • Smart farming through agribots, data analytics, drones and satellite monitoring
  • Biostimulants, biopesticides, and natural solutions for crop protection
  • Organic and biological fertilizers such as compost, biofertilizers and PGPR
  • Livestock biotech for genetic improvements, precision breeding, and health
  • Market drivers, investment trends, company profiles, and SWOT analysis
  • Revenue forecasts segmented by technology and region through 2034
  • Profiles of over 600 companies across the agricultural technology value chain. Companies profiled include AeroFarms, AFINGEN¬Æ, AgBiome, AgBoost, Agragene, AgriWebb, Anuvia, Aphea.Bio, Arcadia Biosciences, Ascribe Bioscience, Ascus Biosciences, BASF, Bayer, BeeHero, Benson Hill,  Biocentis, Bioceres Crop Solutions, BioConsortia, Biotangents, Breedr, Brightseed, Brotherton Seed Company, Ceradis, CINIS Fertilizer, Corteva, Croptix, Cytophage Technologies, Dahlia Robotics, Enko Chem, Epicrop Technologies, Farmers Edge, FutureFeed, Gardin, Ginkgo Bioworks, Grace Breeding, Growcentia, GrowX, Halter, Hester Biosciences, Holganix, Infarm, Isagro SpA, John Deere, Kamterter, Kaiima, Koppert Biological Systems, Kroger, Kula Bio, Marrone Bio Innovations, Mazen Animal Health, Microendo, Microprep Technologies, MoA Technology Ltd, MyForest Foods, N-Drip, NanoSUR, Nitrogenics, NVIDIA, Phospholutions, Phytoform, Pivot Bio, PlantArcBio, Plenty, Pluton Biosciences,  Puregene AG, Reazent, Resurrect Bio Ltd., Rizobater, RNAissance, SaliCrop, Sea Forest, Seipasa, Semios, Sigma AgriScience, Solasta Bio, Takara Bio, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, TL Biolabs, Tracegrow, TrueAlgae,  Vestaron, Vive Crop Protection, WeedOut, Wyvern, Yield 10 Bioscience and Zymergen. 


Advanced AgriTech is enabling the farming sector to boost production efficiently while reducing environmental impact. With rising global food demand, the market for transformative agricultural technologies continues to expand rapidly.

The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

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The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

The Global Market for AgriTech 2024-2034

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