The Global Market for Biofuels to 2033

February 2023 | 322 pages, 74 tables, 84 figures | Download table of contents

Renewable energy sources can be converted directly into biofuels. There has been a huge growth in the production and usage of biofuels as substitutes for fossil fuels. Due to the declining reserve of fossil resources as well as environmental concerns, and essential energy security, it is important to develop renewable and sustainable energy and chemicals.

The use of biofuels manufactured from plant-based biomass as feedstock would reduce fossil fuel consumption and consequently the negative impact on the environment.  Renewable energy sources cover a broad raw material base, including cellulosic biomass (fibrous and inedible parts of plants), waste materials, algae, and biogas.

The Global Market for Biofuels covers bio-based fuels, bio-diesel, renewable diesel,  sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), biogas, electrofuels (e-fuels), green ammonia based on utilization of:

  • First-Generation Feedstocks (food-based) e.g. Waste oils including used cooking oil, animal fats, and other fatty acids.
  • Second-Generation Feedstocks (non-food based) e.g. Lignocellulosic wastes and residues, Energy crops, Agricultural residues, Forestry residues, Biogenic fraction of municipal and industrial waste.
  • Third-Generation Feedstocks e.g. algal biomass
  • Fourth-Generation Feedstocks e.g. genetically modified (GM) algae and cyanobacteria.


Report contents include:

  • Market trends and drivers.
  • Market challenges.
  • Biofuels costs, now and estimated to 2033. 
  • Biofuel consumption to 2033. 
  • Market analysis including key players, end use markets, production processes, costs, production capacities, market demand for biofuels, bio-jet fuels, biodiesel, bio-naphtha, bio-based alcohol fuels, biofuel from plastic waste & used tires, biofuels from carbon capture, renewable diesel, biogas, chemical recycling based biofels, electrofuels, green ammonia and other relevant technologies. 
  • Production and synthesis methods.
  • Biofuel industry developments and investments 2020-2023.
  • 171 company profiles including BTG Bioliquids, Byogy Renewables, Caphenia, Enerkem, Infinium. Eni S.p.A., Ensyn, FORGE Hydrocarbons Corporation, Fulcrum Bioenergy, Genecis Bioindustries, Gevo, Haldor Topsoe, Infinium Electrofuels,  Opera Bioscience, Steeper Energy,  SunFire GmbH, Vertus Energy and Viridos, Inc.





The Global Market for Biofuels to 2033

The Global Market for Biofuels to 2033

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The Global Market for Biofuels to 2033

The Global Market for Biofuels to 2033

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