The Global Market for Graphite 2023-2033

Published May 2023 | 198 pages, 43 figures, 33 tables | Download table of contents

Graphite is a critical raw material for the green transition and demand is increasing in markets including electric vehicles and green energy storage. Based on current production, demand from these markets will result in a significant supply shortfall by 2033 unless mining and production is greatly expanded.  Future energy needs will require supply of raw materials for the development of low-carbon technologies. Graphite is viewed as a critical material for decarbonizing transportation and heavy industry, resulting in high market growth in the coming years. 

Graphite is used across multiple industries such as automotive, steel-making, powder metallurgy, fuel cells, and flame retardants. Graphite is the dominant active anode material used in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EV). Huge growth in demand for batteries in electric vehicles and energy storage systems has underpinned recent changes in the graphite market landscape.  

Desirable properties of graphite include:

  • good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • high regular stiffness and strength.
  • maintains firmness and strength up to temperature more than 3600 °C
  • highly lubricating material with chemical inertness and corrosion resistance. 


Graphite is classified as natural and synthetic. Natural graphite is further classified into three principal types, crystalline small flake graphite (or flake graphite), crystalline vein or lump graphite, and amorphous graphite (very fine flake graphite), which have different physical properties, appearance, chemical composition, and impurities. Natural graphite can is mined in multiple countries. Synthetic graphite is produced from oil or coal-based needle coke and is preferred in the production electric arc furnaces (EAFs) for steelmaking. Battery producers can use both synthetic and natural graphite as their raw material.

Report contents include:

  • In-depth analysis of the global market for graphite. 
  • Analysis of types of graphite, markets, applications and producers. 
  • Recent market activity, drivers and trends.
  • Graphite pricing, historical, current and forecasts. 
  • Market tonnage data-historical (2010-2022), estimates for 2023, and projections to 2033. 
  • Regional market analysis. 
  • Market share analysis based on type of graphite, end-use industry, and geographic region.
  • Graphite market in China.
  • Profiles of 94 companies. Companies profiled include Black Rock Mining, Evolution Energy, GrafTech International, Gratomic, Graphite India, Leading Edge Materials, NextSource Materials, Nippon Carbon, Reflex Advanced Materials Corp., Renascor Resources, SEC Carbon, SGL Group, Showa Denko, Syrah Resources, Talga Group, Tirupati Carbon & Graphite, Tokai Carbon, and Volt Resources.


The Global Market for Graphite 2023-2033

The Global Market for Graphite 2023-2033

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The Global Market for Graphite 2023-2033

The Global Market for Graphite 2023-2033

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