The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

Green ammonia market, renewable ammonia, green ammonia production, applications, companies, green ammonia projects

Published August 2023 | 115 pages, 21 tables, 14 figures | Download Table of contents

The Rising Promise of Green Ammonia: Market Outlook and Growth Opportunities

Green ammonia is emerging as a versatile renewable fuel option to enable the global energy transition. With falling production costs and mounting decarbonization pressures, the green ammonia market could see exponential growth over the next decade.

Green ammonia has diverse applications across transportation, power generation, agriculture, and industrial sectors that can help slash emissions. Key markets include:

  • Carbon-free marine fuel
  • Fertilizer feedstock to cut agricultural emissions
  • Off-grid power generation
  • Hydrogen carrier for renewable energy storage and transport
  • Fuel cells for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, ships, and trains
  • Coal power plant NOx emissions reduction and efficiency improvement


This market report provides:

  • Analysis of green ammonia production pathways and technologies
  • Policy and regulatory landscape
  • Green ammonia cost analysis
  • Drivers, challenges, and recent industry developments
  • Profiles of major global projects
  • SWOT analysis
  • Market size estimates and forecasts to 2040 by segment and region
  • Company profiles for 34 players across the value chain. Companies profiled include Engie, EverWind Fuels, Fuella, FuelPositive Corp., Green NortH2 Energy, Iberdrola, Jupiter Ionics, NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, SK Ecoplant Co.,  Sumitomo, and Yara. 


With sustained innovation, supportive policies, and strategic investment, green ammonia can make substantial contributions in building a net-zero global energy system.




The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

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The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

The Global Market for Green Ammonia 2024-2034

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