The Global Market for Quantum Computing 2023-2043

Published March 2023 | 300 pages, 30 tables, 16 figures | Download table of contents

Quantum computing is still at an early stage, but the market is developing rapidly with public and private investment of over $40 billion to date. Large corporations, governments and start-ups are investing billions for what is expected to be a trillion dollar market within the report timeframe. 

Start-ups raised a total of $1.85 billion in 2022, up from $1.67 billion in 2021 with large-scale funding continuing into 2023, including:

  • Quantum Motion: £42 M
  • Quantum Brilliance: $18 M
  • PASQAL: €100 M
  • Welinq: €5 M
  • Quantum Machines: $20 M
  • Oxford Ionics: £30 M


Development of quantum computing will enable innovations in markets such as drug discovery, chemicals, supply chain management, financial services and telecommunications. As well as focusing on quantum computing, this report also covers related areas of quantum technologies including communications and sensing. 

Report contents include:

  • Analysis of quantum computing and related technologies. including hardware, software, cloud-based services, chemistry and AI for chemicals & biotech, quantum cryptography, quantum communications, and quantum sensing.
  • Market analysis of quantum computing in pharma, chemicals, automotive, financial services and other sectors.
  • Investment funding 2020-2023.
  • Industry developments 2020-2023. 
  • Market maps for quantum computing and quantum technologies.
  • Value chain.
  • Technology and market challenges. 
  • Global revenues 2023-2043. 
  • Profiles of 167 quantum computing and technologies companies. Companies profiled include Algorithmiq, Infleqtion, IonQ, Kipu Quantum, Multiverse Computing, Nu Quantum, Origin Quantum, Oxford Ionics, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Pasqal, Planqc, PsiQuantum,  Q-CTRL, QuantWare, Quantagonia, QuantrolOx, QuantrolOx, Quantum Bridge Technologies, Quantum Brilliance, Quantum Motion, Qunnect, SCALINQ, TuringQ and Welinq. 



The Global Market for Quantum Computing 2023-2043

The Global Market for Quantum Computing 2023-2043

PDF download/by email.

The Global Market for Quantum Computing 2023-2043

The Global Market for Quantum Computing 2023-2043

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