The Honor 90 and Magic 5 Pro displays are much better for your eyes

What you need to know

  • Honor 90 series utilizes a 3840Hz PWM “flicker-free” display.
  • The display is further backed by other eye-comfort solutions.
  • All of them combined were put to the test by a professor at UCL.
  • The result concluded that the Honor 90 display causes lesser eye strain than the competition’s display models.

Honor released a new video featuring the company’s eye-comfort solutions equipped in its Magic 5 Pro and the Honor 90 smartphones, which recently launched globally.

The video involves Dr. Glen Jeffery, Professor of Neuroscience at University College London (UCL), who has seemingly tested the display technology involved in the latest Honor 90 series and Magic 5 Pro. The video emphasizes the blue light emission that current smartphones generate, leading to eye strain and unhealthier sleeping patterns for consumers.