These are the best cases for Apple Watch Series 8

We collected some of the best and most durable and rugged cases for the Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch that we could find on Amazon.


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The Apple Watch Series 8 is powered by the Apple S8 chip, and it comes in 41mm and 45mm models. There are Aluminium and Stainless Steel variants, and the wearable is available in seven color options. The Apple Watch S8 has additional functionalities, such as a body temperature sensor, and other advanced features to help measure fitness and health metrics. At the Apple Event, the company also unveiled the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, and the iPhone 14 series.

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While the new Apple Watch S8 has a “Crack Resistant” display with a more durable chassis, it’s important to keep your smartwatch in a nice shape and condition. In this article, we collected some of the best and most durable and rugged cases we could find on Amazon from companies like SUPCASE, Spigen, Ringke, UAG, OtterBox, and many more.

Best cases for Apple Watch Series 8

  • Spigen Rugged Armor for Apple Watch S8

    Spigen Rugged Armor Pro (Apple Watch S8)

    Rugged Protection

    The Spigen Rugged Armor case provides excellent protection all around the entire smartwatch. It has a scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing material that provides a slim design, an adjustable band, and a metal clasp. The case has raised edges to provide even more protection for the display, and there are precise cutouts for the buttons and digital crown. 

  • OtterBox All Day Case for Apple Watch 8

    OtterBox All Day Case (Apple Watch S8)

    Editor’s Choice

    $20 $25 Save $5

    Otterbox is well-known for its high-quality, rugged cases, and the new bumper case provides excellent protection. It’s precisely fitted, and has antimicrobial technology to protect the exterior case against common bacteria. The case is available in two sizes and four colors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

  • pbi SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (Apple Watch S8)

    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (Apple Watch S8)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The new UBP case from SUPCASE offers all the watch features in a rugged body. The bumper case provides rugged protection, and includes a scratch-resistant and fully adjustable watch band. The case has a snap-on design that can absorb shock, and the raised bezels can protect the display from scratches and damage. The case comes in more than 8 colors.

  • pbi-UAG Case (Apple Watch)

    UAG Case (Apple Watch)


    The UAG case is compatible with the Apple Watch 41mm and 45mm smartwatches. It’s available in five colors, and the case itself is made of PC material. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and it protects the screen from drops and scratches. It’s military-grade certified, and it provides a clean and modern look.

  • i-Blason Cosmo Luxe (Apple Watch S8)

    i-Blason Cosmo Luxe (Apple Watch S8)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    $14 $30 Save $16

    The i-Blason Cosmo Luxe might be a case, but it also comes with a unique band that matches the beautiful design of the Apple Watch. It’s made of a soft flexible silicone strap, and the case protects the watch from scratches, drops, and falls. It’s available in several color options for more customization. 

  • Spigen-Rugged-Armor-for-Apple-Watch-S8-1

    Spigen Rugged Armor (Apple Watch S8)

    Rugged Armor

    The Rugged Armor case is a slight step down from the Pro model. It still features a raised bezel that protects the display from scratches, and it has precise cutouts for the buttons. The case is available in five colors. 

  • RhinoShield Bumper Case for Apple Watch S8

    RhinoShield Bumper Case (Apple Watch S8)

    Editor’s Choice

    The RhinoShield Bumper case comes in more than 7 color options. The bumper case has an impact-resistant polymer with drop protection of up to 1.2m (4ft). It has a slim profile, and it weighs just 4 grams. It has elevated edges to protect the screen from scratches. 

  • Spigen-Liquid-Air-Pro-for-Apple-Watch-S8-1

    Spigen Liquid Air Pro (Apple Watch S8)

    Liquid Air

    The Spigen Liquid Air Pro case comes with soft liquid silicone for a long-lasting comfort. The case has a customizable fit with an adjustable band and a beautiful two-color color scheme to offer more personalization. It’s an affordable case, and it provides excellent protection. 

  • Spigen Thin Fit for Apple Watch S8

    Spigen Thin Fit (Apple Watch S8)

    Thin Protection

    The Thin Fit case is one of the best-known models from the case maker. It offers a slim, lightweight, and thin design, and it has raised bezels to protect the screen, and precise cutouts to offer a seamless fit and design. It’s a great all-rounder if you want something unnoticeable on your wrist. 

  • Spigen Liquid Crystal for Apple Watch S8

    Spigen Liquid Crystal (Apple Watch S8)


    If you’re looking for a thin, light, and transparent case that sits seamlessly on your wrist, then the Liquid Crystal case is worth considering. It has a scratch-resistant material with precise cutouts, and it lets you showcase the beauty of your new Apple Watch Series 8. 

  • casetify impact metal case for apple watch series 8

    CASETiFY Impact Metal (Apple Watch S8)

    Premium & Elegant

    The CASETiFY Impact cases feature a raised bezel, a precision design, a stylish look, and premium feel. The brushed aluminium bezel offers additional protection against scratches, cracks, and scuffs, and it greatly improves the aesthetics of the Apple Watch, making it feel and look more rigid and durable.

  • casetify impact plastic case for apple watch series 8

    CASETiFY Impact Plastic (Apple Watch S8)


    The CASETiFY Impact cases feature a raised bezel, a precision design, a stylish look, and premium feel. The plastic case offers excellent protection from scratches, and scuffs. It adds more character to your smartwatch, and it makes it look more rugged and durable.

  • pbi elkson rugged (Apple Watch)

    elkson rugged (Apple Watch)

    Great budget option

    The elkson rugged case comes in various sizes and colors. It’s an excellent budget case, providing sturdy looks and a comfortable feel, as well as enhanced protection for your smartwatch. It has a shockproof design and elevated edges that protect all sides, and the display.

  • pbi-Ringke Bezel Styling (Apple Watch)

    Ringke Bezel Styling (Apple Watch)

    Bezel Styling

    The Ringke Bezel Stylish is stylish, elegant, and provides a clean and modern look for your Apple Watch. It’s available in six colors, and it provides a high-quality stainless steel bezel that protects your screen from scratches and scuffs.

  • pbi-Ringke Slim (Apple Watch)

    Ringke Slim (Apple Watch)

    Slim & Lightweight

    The Ringke Slim case supports Apple Watch 8 and 7 smartwatches, and they’re lightweight, and slim, providing a seamless and unique design. The pack includes two cases of your selection, and they can be easily installed or uninstalled with a simple press.

  • pbi i-Blason Armorbox (Apple Watch)

    i-Blason Armorbox (Apple Watch)

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with i-Blason

    The i-Blason Armorbox fits all 44, 45, and 49mm Apple Watches, and it’s available in five colors. It’s made of strong and flexible TPU and carbon fiber, making the watch feel comfortable and elegant on your wrist. It has precise cutouts, and includes a screen protector for additional protection.

  • Misxi 2 Pack (Apple Watch S8)

    Misxi 2 Pack (Apple Watch S8)


    The Misxi 2-pack case provides excellent protection without adding much bulk to the Apple Watch Series 8 and 7. It comes in various colors and is compatible with most Apple smartwatches in different sizes. This is a great alternative if you’re looking for a budget option. 

  • TAURI Hard Case for Apple Watch S8

    TAURI Hard Case (Apple Watch S8)

    Best Value

    $8 $10 Save $2

    The TAURI Hard case comes with two identical cases and are available in three colors. The slim bumper case around the smartwatch  prevents scratches and cracks. The case has a precise fit, and the thin tempered glass offers excellent all-around protection.

  • Smiling 2 pack (Apple Watch S8)

    Smiling 2 pack (Apple Watch S8)


    The Smiling 2-pack case is compatible with the Watch Series 7 and 8 45mm smartwatches. It’s a hard PC case with a built-in screen protector and a slim design. It comes in matt black and transparent colors and is one of the cheaper options on this list.

  • pbi-Ringke Air Sports (Apple Watch)

    Ringke Air Sports (Apple Watch)

    Thin & Light

    The Ringke Air Sports is a lightweight, form-fitted case. It provides sporty looks for your Apple Watch, and it comes in five colors. It supports wireless charging, and it’s ideal for those looking for a slim, and flexible case without the added bulk.

  • pbi TAURI 2-pack (Apple Watch)

    TAURI 2-pack (Apple Watch)


    $10 $11 Save $1

    The TAURI multipack case comes in five sizes and ten different colors. It’s compatible with most Apple Watches, and comes with an additional case. It provides protection for the entire smartwatch, and although it’s budget-friendly, it feels great on the wrist.

  • pbi NewWays 2-Pack (Apple Watch Ultra)

    NewWays 2-Pack (Apple Watch Ultra)


    The NewWays 2-pack, as the name suggests, comes with a protective rhinestone design and a tempered glass screen protector. It has a quick snap-on/off design, and it’s available in several other styles. It also comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • pbi-JETech Case (Apple Watch)

    JETech Case (Apple Watch)

    Best Value

    The JETech case supports all 40, 41m, 44m, and 45mm Apple smartwatches. The pack includes two cases made of PC and 9H and tempered glass screen protectors, providing an even great security and protection against accidental damage. The cases are also available in four colors, and provide great general protection against wear and tear.

  • Goton-2-pack-(Apple-Watch-Ultra)-1

    Goton 2-pack (Apple Watch Ultra)


    The Goton case comes with not one, but two screen protectors and Apple Watch cases. It’s excellent for those wanting additional cases for various situations, and it provides excellent protection against scratches, scuffs, and other impact damage. 

Which case should you buy?


We always recommend using cases on your smartwatches, especially if you spend large amounts of money on the latest technology. If you want to keep your Apple Watch Series 8 in good condition, or perhaps you want to keep the value high for resale purposes, we strongly encourage you to invest in a good case that protects the device from scratches, bumps, dents, and even fall damage. The cases can also offer new and stylish looks, and they’re interchangeable, meaning you can easily pick and swap them based on how you feel or the special occasion.

We recommend the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro, Spigen Rugged Armor Pro, and the Otterbox All Day cases if you want the best overall protection. These cases offer rugged looks and feel, and they’ll almost certainly prevent scratches from ever occurring on display. These cases are excellent for commuting, hiking, traveling, and they’re used by thousands of people to help protect their smartwatches.

The Spigen Rugger Armor, Spigen Liquid Air, and RhinoShield Bumper case are also excellent choices if you need slightly less protection in a slimmer form factor. These offer similar protection to the rugged smartwatches. However, if you’re looking for something even thinner and lighter, then you might want to take a closer look at the Tauri Hard Case, the Spigen Thin Fit, or the transparent Spigen Liquid Crystal cases. These are all very lightweight and don’t make the smartwatch too bulky, but it comes at the cost of slightly less protection, compared to the other offerings on this list.

PBI Apple Watch Series 8 Midnight

Apple Watch Series 8

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