Tindie Blog | Build Your Own Hi-Fi Gear!

If you’ve ever wanted to add a turntable to a modern hi-fi system, you’ll know that most receivers made in the last 20 years don’t support turntables natively. This is because as records died out in the 90s, it saved manufacturing costs as the RIAA Equalising preamp could be left out. So for many years since, you’ve been able to purchase a separate phono preamp. Well, now you can cheaply build your own with the NS-04 Phono Preamp design from Portuguese seller Kuosch.

With a nice matte black PCB finish, the NS-04 would look great with almost any hi-fi equipment. Or you can tuck it away inside your receiver, and permanently convert one of the inputs to phono. The design is simple, efficient, and will sound excellent with a range of turntables and amplifiers.

However, there’s more than just the Phono Preamp in the NS line. Kuosch also makes the NS-01 Headphone Amplifier. Many people use headphone amplifiers because high-impedance headphones require them. But they can also boost the output from a weak source, allowing your headphones to reach their full potential. This particular design is quite robust, able to deliver 7VRMS at 90mA! That’s over half a watt RMS, so I would definitely be careful with the volume knob on this thing!

Finally, the NS-02 is a simple volume control and channel select board. All three of these NS boards have the same form factor, so they work well together. These boards are easy to hand-assemble, and all come with the BOM, schematics, and assembly instructions. If you want to add some DIY touch to your hi-fi setup, this is a great place to start! Our only question is what happened to NS-03?!