Tindie Blog | Duckbutt Wireless Testing


Often when perusing Tindie looking for cool products to bring to your attention it’s the beautiful, useful or technically amazing that grabs my eye. Sometimes it’s the ones that raise a smile! The Duckbutt Wireless Testing SAO does just that with its cheerful rubber duck styling with an antenna tail!

If you flip this SAO over, on the reverse is an ESP-01F, a couple of surface mount buttons for reset and flash operations, an LED, some pin headers in SAO format and not much more. It’s supplied running Spacehuhn’s extremely popular ESP8266 Deauther firmware but there’s a header for a serial connection so you can tinker with the firmware easily. As sold, when powered up the device will create a wifi network “Duckbutt”. You can connect to this using another device and then in the browser, you can use the UI to scan wifi, launch deauth attacks and all the other features of the Deauther firmware.

The duck’s tail features a neat SMA socket which means that you can easily swap out the antenna for others. And the bill end of the duck is backlit with an LED indicating power on! Speaking of power, this device requires a minimum of 3V3 to operate. This might mean it’s incompatible with some badge systems powered with just one 3V CR2032 cell.