Tindie Blog | Oscilloscope Display Eurorack Module by Modulove

Synthesise, Improvise, Visualise. Draw intricate patterns using the SCOPE OLED Display Module, and experience robust visual audio analysis without leaving your eurorack. The oscilloscope display encourages innovative and experimental approaches to existing equipment, allowing artists to explore soundscapes using speedy frequency analysis and waveform shaping.

Painstakingly designed in the Modulove lab, this is a clean, classy, and compact module. Nestled perfectly into the geometric black and gold faceplate, the high-quality OLED screen and super tactile controls provide an exciting way to analyse your sound and add valuable new functions to your synthesiser.

This module currently has four inbuilt modes, controlled using the push-button rotary encoder, gain attenuator, and toggle switch. Together with the CV ins and outs, this module makes it very easy to access a fully featured customisable oscilloscope.

Built around an Arduino Nano, this module is perfect for hacking or reprogramming. With the Arduino IDE and a simple USB cable, you can effortlessly reprogram the microcontroller, unlocking even more potential from this already impressive design. Create your own modes, or push it even further and use this module as the basis for some experimental programming!

Whether you love an evening of satisfying soldering or want a ready-to-use module right out of the box, Modulove has you covered. This product can be purchased fully assembled, as a complete kit, or as PCBs and panels only. All kits come with SMD parts pre-soldered. If you’re looking for more assembly information before diving in, Modulove have even provided a detailed video build guide!

Modulove are an independent electronics manufacturer based in Hamburg, Germany. Focussed on the development of eurorack modular systems and open source eurorack projects, they are a great creator to keep an eye on. Check out their Tindie storefront to find out about their other projects!