Tindie Blog | The AmpRipper for Power-Hungry Projects

There are many LiPo charging circuits, but this is the first I’ve seen that is so powerful and flexible. The AmpRipper 4000 supports charging at up to 3A and outputs up to 4A via USB-C or large through-hole pads. It breaks out I2C communication pads for the MAX17048 battery monitor, allowing your microcontroller project to monitor the power supply. The attached microcontroller can also start and stop charging, overriding the default behaviour if needed.

The main output also has a switch, which is a nice feature to have co-located with the power supply and charge circuitry. This removes the need for your board to have any power supply circuitry at all unless you need lower voltages like 1.8 or 3.3V. This makes it a perfect companion for boards like the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, or any single-board computer. With this board and a Pi400, you can easily have a totally portable cyberdeck!

If your battery supports it and you add an optional heatsink, you can increase the charge current beyond 3A by changing a resistor value. The seller also offers a version with the heatsink already fitted. Also, you can add a thermistor to your battery so the charge controller can prevent overheating the battery. Input voltage can be as high as 14V, but any decent USB-C charger should be able to put out the current needed. The included power supply for the Pi400 is a perfect match. And at under 40mm x 50mm, it can fit into small spaces while still packing a punch!