Tipster reveals rumored Galaxy S24 Ultra bezel sizes; sees lowest screen-to-body ratio since 2019

The tipster rattled off the measurements of the thicker bezels: “Left: 3.42mm, Right: 3.42mm. Top: 3.0mm. Bottom 3.0mm (if symmetrical).” And then the tipster reported that at 88%, the screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy S24 Ultra would be the lowest seen on a Samsung flagship phone since 2019’s Galaxy S10. Thicker bezels and a lower screen-to-body ratio are not what those shelling out flagship money for flagship phones want to see.
It would be human nature to compare the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s rumored bezel size of 3.42mm on the sides and 3mm on the top and bottom with the expected bezel size for the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra. Whatever Apple decides to name its 2023 top-of-the-line model, the bezels are rumored to measure an iPhone record low of 1.55mm.

Most of the responses to Ice Universe’s latest post are one of disbelief, and hope that the data is flawed as Ice Universe hinted at. “Doesn’t make any sense. I hope it’s wrong information otherwise, the Samsung S24 series will be a failure. S24U should be better than S23U, not a downgrade,” said X user “W” (@Wvisioncreation).

Another comment came from X subscriber and tech podcast host “Grant Walderbach” who wrote, “So I feel like something is wrong with the information because why would Samsung make their bezels thicker?” The good thing is that there could be as much as six months left before the Galaxy S24 Ultra is released and we should surely find out before then what the true story is as far as the bezels go.

So while it is okay to be a little concerned, even Ice Universe isn’t willing to say that the data he has is 100% right. And even if it is, well, perhaps the thicker bezels won’t bother you. And if they do, you can always keep your Galaxy S23 Ultra or buy one instead of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.