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Top 5 Advantages of Print Media in a Digital World

Print Media in a Digital World

82 % of Americans trust print advertisements when making buying decisions. This fraction explains why the demand for print media is growing by the year. It may come as a surprise to many because digital media has managed to maintain quite a large audience.

Top businesses still use print media to market their products. They understand that print media advertising has its unique perks. In today’s digital world, print media stands out and gets noticed.

Read on to learn about the top five advantages of print media in a digital world.

1. Target Audience


Every marketer out there wants to take advantage of the digital market making the digital space a very competitive one. The majority of the web pages display four banners at a go. This makes it less likely for the target audience to pay attention to your banner.

Print media has a smaller ad per page ratio helping consumers keep more information about your product. You can print a brochure that focuses on one product effectively marketing it.

2. Print Media Is in Circulation for Long

Print media has been there for decades and is going nowhere. Loyal customers are one of the major reasons behind the ever-growing print media sales. Print media advertising allows you to reach an audience for a long period.

Top businesses take advantage of the reliability of print consumers. More so, they understand that people keep printed media for longer. Others have space dedicated to stacks of flyers, newspapers, and brochures.

Online printing at is quite affordable. More so, they offer a wide range of printed samples which can you can choose from.

3. Physical Touch

Majority of the people who love reading admit that they enjoy hard copies more than soft copies. The experience of flipping through the pages is important to many people, making it one of the core benefits of print media advertising.

Touch can leave a lasting impression on the audience making them more welcoming of your product. This also makes the average consumer spend more time reading print than digital media.

4. Quality Content

One of the major differences between print and digital media is that digital banners will only cover the subject briefly. Print media advertising gives marketers a chance to share more knowledge on the product.

More marketers are dedicating more time to making quality content for print. Designing a printed advertisement should be on top of your marketing list.

5. Print Media Has Credibility

Many times you’ve heard people say that they read it in a newspaper to make their statements more credible. Top businesses understand the legitimacy of print making it the perfect advertising tool.

More so, most people place printed pieces in waiting rooms. This allows many people to read and resume reading the pieces as they please.

Advantages of Print Media

The above advantages of print media show you that print has more to offer than most people think.

Consider print media advertising especially if you want to target local consumers. It will serve as the communication barrier between you and potential consumers.

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