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Top 8 AI Podcasts to Add to Your Listening Playlist

In the rapidly evolving world of machine learning and artificial intelligence, staying updated with modern developments and insights is important for professionals and enthusiasts. Podcasts offer a convenient and accessible avenue to enrich your knowledge and glean expert perspectives. Discover the crème de la crème of machine learning and AI podcasts as we present the top 8 shows deserving a prominent spot in your listening queue.

Artificial Intelligence by Lex Fridman

Artificial Intelligence by Lex Fridman
Source: Podchaser

Artificial Intelligence by Lex Fridman stands out exceptionally as a must-listen podcast for any individual intrigued by the intricate world of AI. Hosted by Lex Fridman, an AI researcher and engineer, this podcast is known for its fascinating and high-intensity conversations with some of the brightest minds in the field. 

Fridman’s podcast goes beyond the surface, delving into profound discussions that discuss the complexities of AI, its challenging situations, and its potential effect on society. The diversity of topics covered is a testament to the podcast’s intensity; it traverses areas including AI ethics, machine learning breakthroughs, robotics advancements, and the implications of AI on diverse industries.

Listeners can anticipate and glean insights from the thoughts and experiences of AI specialists, researchers, and visionaries who are at the leading edge of shaping the AI landscape. Whether you’re an AI professional looking to stay updated on the latest trends or an enthusiast keen to understand the nuances of AI, “Artificial Intelligence” by way of Lex Fridman offers an invaluable platform to interact with thought-provoking discussions that expand your knowledge of this rapidly evolving landscape. With its emphasis on technical intricacies and the broader societal implications of AI, this podcast promises a well-rounded exploration of the AI domain that resonates with listeners from various backgrounds.

Find this AI podcast on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Google Podcast.

TWiML & AI – This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

AI Podcast
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TWiML & AI – This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is a beacon of knowledge and perception in machine learning and AI. This AI podcast, known for its informative and comprehensive approach, gives listeners an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted world of AI.

Hosted by Sam Charrington, TWiML & AI offers a platform for experts, researchers, and practitioners to share their views on the latest trends in the field. The podcast’s strength lies in its ability to dive deep into various subjects. From discussing cutting-edge research breakthroughs to dissecting real-world applications and trends throughout industries, TWiML & AI gives a well-rounded attitude to the landscape of AI.

This AI podcast can be found on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.

Data Skeptic by Kyle Polich

Data Skeptic Logo
Source: Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic is a valuable podcast catering to a wide spectrum of AI enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Hosted by Kyle Polich, the podcast serves as a bridge between complicated AI concepts and practical applications, making it an accessible and useful resource for all.

For those new to AI, “Data Skeptic” explains intricate topics clearly, breaking down technical jargon into understandable language. Seasoned AI enthusiasts additionally benefit from deep dives into advanced concepts and discussions on cutting-edge research. The podcast balances theory and application, supporting listeners to grasp the theoretical underpinnings whilst showcasing how these concepts occur in real-world scenarios.

Find this AI podcast on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

AI in Business by Ashutosh Garg

AI in Business Podcast
Source: Future of SaaS

Ashutosh Garg’s AI in Business” focuses on a factor of AI – its integration into the business landscape. The AI podcast provides precious insights into the strategic implications of AI adoption for businesses. The podcast, hosted by Ashutosh Garg, explores AI’s impact on diverse industries, imparting listeners a holistic understanding of how AI is reshaping operations, customer experiences, and revenue models.

With an emphasis on the practical aspects, “AI in Business” dives into techniques for a successful AI implementation, case studies highlighting AI-driven transformations, and discussions about the demanding situations and opportunities that AI provides. Whether you’re a business leader searching to navigate the AI landscape or an AI professional looking to understand the business context, this podcast offers a wealth of insights that will help you leverage AI efficiently in a business environment.

Find this AI podcast on Apple Music, Spotify and their website.

Talking Machines by Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence

 Alt Text: Talking Machines
Source: Spotify

Talking Machines” is an enlightening platform that fosters discussions on the cutting-edge landscape of machine learning and AI research. This podcast is a go-to resource for the ones seeking a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving area.

Through a blend of interviews, insights, and explorations, the podcast engages listeners with thought-provoking discussions led by industry specialists and researchers. Hosted by Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence, “Talking Machines” delves into the technical nuances of machine learning whilst additionally delving into its broader implications for society.

The podcast offers a glimpse into the minds of main AI researchers, allowing listeners to gain insights into present-day breakthroughs, challenging situations, and trends in the field. Moreover, by studying AI’s impact on society, ethics, and future trends, “Talking Machines” extends communication beyond algorithms and equations, encouraging listeners to consider AI’s societal, ethical, and economic dimensions.

Whether you are an AI fanatic, a researcher, or curious about machine learning, the AI podcast “Talking Machines” offers a rich and diverse array of discussions catering to technical intricacies and the wider context of AI’s transformative power.

You can find this AI podcast on Jiosavan, Apple Music and Audacy.

SuperDataScience by Kirill Eremenko

AI Podcast SuperDataScience
Source: SuperDataScience

SuperDataScience” emerges as a practical and hands-on AI podcast that caters to data science and AI enthusiasts seeking actionable insights into real-world applications.

Hosted by Kirill Eremenko, the podcast takes a holistic approach to the complicated world of data science and AI. It stands out for its emphasis on translating theoretical concepts into tangible consequences through practical examples, case studies, and industry-specific insights.

“SuperDataScience” is a valuable resource for beginners and skilled experts. For beginners, it serves as an accessible entry point to understanding data science and AI principles, supplying step-by-step guidance on how to approach projects and issues. The AI podcast offers advanced techniques for skilled practitioners, explores emerging technologies, and showcases modern programs that align with real-world challenges.

Through interviews with experts, discussions on best practices, and exploration of diverse tools and technologies, “SuperDataScience” equips listeners with the tools they need to excel in the data-driven world. By offering a mix of concept and practical implementation, the AI podcast empowers people to realize the theoretical foundations and to use these insights in meaningful projects, making it a precious addition to the learning journey of any data science and AI enthusiast.

You can listen to their AI podcast on their website and youtube!

Why of AI by Alex Castrounis

AI with Alex | AI Podcast
Source: Listen Notes

Why of AI hosted by Alex Castrounis is an AI podcast that strikes a harmonious balance between technical insights and strategic discussions surrounding AI.

This podcast gives a unique blend of in-depth technical explorations and broader AI strategy conversations. Listeners are treated to a complete understanding of the technical foundations of AI and machine learning while gaining insights into how these technologies are reshaping industries and driving business transformations.

A distinguishing characteristic of the podcast is its focus on AI’s role in business innovation. Through interviews, case studies, and industry analyses, it offers a window into how AI is harnessed to optimize processes, create new revenue streams, and revolutionize consumer experience. Whether it’s uncovering the potential of predictive analytics or discussing the integration of AI in various sectors, the podcast gives a holistic view of AI’s impact on business and industries.

For individuals looking to navigate the complexities of AI’s technical intricacies along its strategic implications, “Why of AI” offers a useful resource. By offering a well-rounded attitude that bridges the gap between theory and applications, the podcast equips listeners with the knowledge and insights needed to harness the transformative power of AI in each technical and strategic context.

Catch this podcast on Apple Music, Deezer and their official website.

Machine Learning Street Talk

 Alt Text: Machine Learning Street Talk
Source: Twitter

Machine Learning Street Talk” is a standout AI podcast that distinguishes itself through its engaging conversational format and wide array of visitors. The podcast offers a refreshing approach to exploring machine learning, AI research, and rising technology.

The podcast offers a casual and approachable platform for discussions that span the breadth of the machine learning panorama. Its conversational layout creates an atmosphere corresponding to discussing complicated topics with colleagues, making it accessible to professionals and people interested in the field.

One of the podcast’s key strengths lies in its diverse guest lineup. It features leading researchers, practitioners, and industry experts who bring many perspectives. This diversity guarantees that the discussions cover a range of subjects, from technical intricacies to ethical considerations and from research breakthroughs to practical applications.

By exploring Machine learning and AI from different angles and presenting it engagingly, the AI podcast appeals to those trying to increase their understanding, gain insights from viewpoints, and stay informed about the latest advancements in the field. 

You can find this AI podcast on Google Podcast, Apple Music and Youtube!


In the world of AI and machine learning, podcasts have emerged as powerful tools for staying updated, motivated, and connected with the latest advancements. Each highlighted podcast offers a unique perspective and caters to various interests and expertise levels.

They offer a tapestry of information, insights, and perspectives that cater to various interests, from technical depths to strategic horizons. Whether you’re an AI professional, a budding enthusiast, or truly curious about the transformative potential of AI and machine learning, these podcasts are your gateway to staying knowledgeable and engaged in this dynamic field. Keep following Analytics Vidhya blogs to know more about AI and Machine Learning!