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UBTech Teams-up with Baidu to Make Smarter Humanoid Robots

Imagine a robot that can chat with you, fold your clothes, and tell you which shirt goes best with your pants! UBTech is building these super-smart robots called “humanoid robots” that look like people.

UBTech has partnered with Baidu’s Ernie Bot, a smart language model, to enhance its Walker S humanoid robot. This partnership aims to keep UBTech ahead in the humanoid robot industry, especially with growing competition.

UBTech Teams-up with Baidu

UBTech aims to incorporate advanced AI technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs), into its humanoid robots within the next two to three years. However, these integrations are still in the research and development phase, making it challenging to determine the exact timeline for mass production.

Expansion of Robot Capabilities and Applications

Recent demonstrations by UBTech showcase the capabilities of its humanoid robot, Walker S, which can respond to voice commands, perform tasks like folding clothes and sorting objects, and even provide assistance in matching clothes. Additionally, UBTech plans to train its humanoid robots for deployment in new energy vehicle production lines and introduce ‘family-member’ robots designed to offer companionship and emotional support.

Business Strategy and Financial Performance

Despite being a leader in the educational and logistics robot sectors, UBTech faces challenges in generating significant revenue from humanoid robots due to their high price point. The company remains committed to R&D investment, with nearly half its revenue allocated to research activities. However, UBTech reported widened net losses in the previous year despite a modest increase in revenue.

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Our Say

The future of Robotics is unpredictable as AI is playing a huge part in bringing them to life. Let’s see who is going to win the AI Robot race with UBTech robots incoming, and Looi and figure one, around the corner to give it a tough competition.

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