UNO R4 Stars: Meet Greta Galli

UNO R4 Stars: Meet Greta Galli

Arduino TeamJuly 28th, 2023

The launch of the Arduino UNO R4 marks a huge leap forward for our community. For us, it’s also the chance to celebrate the people who bring our ecosystem to life with their bright ideas, radiant enthusiasm, and shining insight.

That is how the UNO R4 Stars blog post series began: to highlight makers who have not only created amazing projects with Arduino, but who are giving back to the community by sharing as they go and helping others make anything they wish.

We invite you to discover each profile, hoping you might find a North Star to navigate around an expanding galaxy or venture into completely new universes.

Greta Galli is a 20-year-old maker – as well as a content creator, student and teacher! – focusing her high energy levels on robotics and 3D printing. If you think that’s a lot, it is. But keep in mind she got her first taste of making at the young age of 11, when she took part in a kids’ workshop at a tech fair. Fast forward a few years and she heard her high school would start teaching with Arduino, so she jumped the gun and bought her first board.

But guess what? She couldn’t figure out how to get her first blink. And while she can laugh about it now – with 160+ tutorials uploaded to YouTube and the Minion robot she built running around her house – she had to quickly come to terms with the fact that failing is a huge part of making. She got help at the store where she had bought the board, and kept going.

Today, her work is inspired by the idea you can make anything you can imagine. The stranger the idea, the better! With robotics, 3D printing, and coding, you can create your own project from scratch – and learn everything you need to learn as you go.

We asked Galli, “What’s your favorite part of the UNO R4?”

  • The built-in PWM on pin 13, which allows you to make an LED blink gradually – so cool! 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity makes the UNO R4 WiFi variant incredibly easy to pair with the Arduino Cloud.
  • UNO’s standard is compatible with most shields on the market.

You can follow Galli on Instagram and YouTube, where you can also find her tutorial on how to make a memory game with the new Arduino UNO R4 Minima (in Italian).

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