Software Development

Unqork Winter 2024 release focuses on modular development

Unqork unveiled its Winter 2024 Platform Release, which emphasizes modular development capabilities, allowing users to design components and applications that can be widely applied across numerous scenarios. 

This approach promotes standardization and aims to lower development costs, aligning with Unqork’s strategy to streamline and expedite the digital solution development process, according to Unqork. Among the advancements is a pre-built case management solution, specifically designed to help customers speed up their product’s time-to-market. 

“We are excited to kick off the year with such a powerful release demonstrating our ongoing commitment to an open, extensible, and easy-to-use solution,” said Thierry Bonfante, chief product officer at Unqork. “Everything we do at Unqork is meant to help customers achieve value faster while lowering their overall total costs. Our new Composite Applications are a perfect example of this and were built in close collaboration with our top customers.”

A landmark feature of the Winter 2024 Release is the debut of the first Open Source Specifications for codeless applications, which showcases a feature-rich, secure, and open ecosystem built on standardized web technologies. This initiative is aimed at diminishing the worries of vendor lock-in by granting customers and partners unrestricted access to the Unqork specification ecosystem. 

Other new features include the case management solution that includes pre-built components, drag-and-drop UI, and updates, and embedded UI which allows users to create composite applications by configuring and reusing standard components.