Vision Pro in-person labs ‘under-filled’ so far as US devs complain their only choice is Cupertino

Last week, Apple opened applications for the Vision Pro developer kit as well as in-person developer labs around the world. Thus far, however, the demand for those in-person developer labs has reportedly been lower than expected – particularly in the United States.

Apple’s labs for Vision Pro allow developers to get hands-on time with the headset alongside help from Apple engineers. “With support from Apple, you’ll be able to test and optimize your apps and games so they’ll be ready for the infinite spatial canvas,” Apple says.

Today’s report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who said on Twitter that Vision Pro developer labs “have been under-filled” so far. One complaint among developers in the United States, according to Gurman, is that Apple is only offering these developer labs in Cupertino.

Gurman says:

Hearing so far that the Vision Pro developer labs (to test apps on actual hardware) have been under-filled with small amounts of developers. Some developers emphasizing that the company isn’t offering any east coast sessions, with Cupertino the only option for the entire US.

Outside of the United States, Apple is offering Vision Pro developer labs in London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.

The likely situation here is that most developers simply aren’t ready to test their apps on Vision Pro, especially if the process involves paying for and taking a flight all the way to Cupertino. As more developers finalize their plans for Vision Pro, which isn’t actually launching to consumers until “early 2024,” demand for these labs will almost certainly increase. Still, it would be prudent for Apple to offer labs outside of Cupertino – such as in cities like Austin and New York.

Another thing to consider is that many developers might be waiting to hear back on the status of their applications for Vision Pro developer kits. These developer kits are shipped directly to chosen applicants, allowing them to test their apps right from home.

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