vivo announces V3 imaging chip with 4K movie portrait mode

vivo just announced its V3 imaging chip, which will premiere 4k movie portrait mode in upcoming flagship phones – similar to the iPhone’s Cinematic mode.

The announcement is more of a teaser by company VP and General Manager of Brand & Product Strategy – Jia Jingdong – on Weibo. The V3 is the first major announcement at vivo’s imaging festival, which is taking place from July 23 until the 31st.

In a spirited web post, Jia Jingdong goes on about the self-developed 6nm V3 chip and its capabilities. It will allow vivo smartphones to capture portrait mode videos up to 4K resolution and offer advanced post-processing editing functions.

Vivo announces V3 imaging chip with 4K movie portrait mode

The chip will likely allow more features, outside of the 4k portrait mode function. There’s also the question of which device will premiere the chip.

Solid money would be on the vivo X100 upcoming imaging flagship, which is expected sometime in Q4 of this year.

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