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VMware and NVIDIA Partner to Launch Enterprise Generative AI

In the fast-paced world of technology, collaboration often leads to groundbreaking innovations. This time, two tech giants, VMware and NVIDIA, are teaming up to bring a game-changing solution. Their partnership aims to unlock the potential of generative AI for enterprises. It promises customized models, advanced applications, and an optimized AI experience.

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VMware and NVIDIA have together launched generative AI for enterprises.

Unveiling a Decade-Long Collaboration

VMware and NVIDIA’s strategic collaboration spans a decade, and it’s now bearing fruit with the announcement of a fully integrated solution focused on generative AI training and deployment. This collaboration brings together VMware’s expertise in cloud infrastructure and NVIDIA’s prowess in accelerated computing, leading to a powerful synergy that aims to reshape the AI landscape.

The heart of this collaboration is the VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA. This innovative offering is poised to revolutionize how enterprises approach generative AI applications. It offers a unified solution encompassing software, computing power, and the tools to refine large language models and execute high-performing generative AI applications.

VMware and NVIDIA, are collaborating to unlock the potential of generative AI for enterprises.

Empowering Enterprises: The Power of Customization

The partnership empowers enterprises to create and run generative AI applications like intelligent chatbots, assistants, search engines, and summarization tools. This platform, built on VMware Cloud Foundation and optimized for AI, provides a comprehensive solution for developing, testing, and deploying generative AI apps.

One of the highlights of VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA is its ability to operate adjacent to enterprise data while ensuring data privacy, security, and control. The solution addresses corporate concerns while providing a powerful platform for deploying generative AI applications.

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The Unified Solution: Streamlining Development and Deployment

VMware and NVIDIA’s offering is a fully integrated suite that equips enterprises with a comprehensive solution. This suite not only streamlines the development of generative AI applications but also ensures that enterprises can efficiently deploy and run these applications within VMware’s hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The collaboration aims to simplify the process of fine-tuning large language models and executing private and high-performing generative AI applications. This one-stop-shop approach caters to enterprises seeking streamlined solutions that balance efficiency, security, and performance.

VMware | NVIDIA | generative AI for enterprises.

A Glimpse into the Future: Benefits and Beyond

The VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA is poised to offer numerous benefits to enterprises seeking to harness the power of generative AI:

  • Privacy: The solution ensures data privacy and secure access, enabling AI services to run adjacent to enterprise data.
  • Choice: Enterprises have many options for building and running models, including leading OEM hardware configurations and public cloud offerings.
  • Performance: Running on NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure promises performance on par with or exceeding bare metal, as industry benchmarks demonstrate.
  • Data-Center Scale: The solution enables scaling AI workloads across multiple nodes, speeding up generative AI model fine-tuning and deployment.
  • Cost Efficiency: The platform optimizes resource usage across GPUs, DPUs, and CPUs, minimizing overall costs.
  • Accelerated Storage and Networking: Performance-optimized storage and deep integration with networking technologies enhance the AI experience.

The Road Ahead: Launch and Progress

The collaborative efforts of VMware and NVIDIA are well underway. The AI-ready systems are set to launch by the end of the year, with the full-stack suite expected to be available in early 2024. The future holds the promise of over 100 servers supporting VMware Private AI Foundation from over 20 global OEMs, ensuring this powerful solution reaches enterprises far and wide.

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Our Say

As the world of enterprise AI continues to evolve, VMware and NVIDIA’s partnership stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration. The VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA showcases the power of merging cloud infrastructure and accelerated computing. It offers enterprises a comprehensive solution for generative AI development and deployment. With the launch on the horizon, the future holds a more accessible, efficient, and powerful AI landscape.