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VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions 1.2 is now GA

We are happy to announce the general availability of the VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions version 1.2 as of July 18, 2023.

Businesses today – ranging from governments to start ups – are driven by data. They effectively capture, process, and serve data quickly to gain insights that drive business value. This is done by driving analytic value out of massive sets of disparate data and integrating these data assets to support a wide portfolio of mainly cloud-native application.

This has caused a surge in the development of data driven applications, mainly using AI and ML models to drive analytics and inferences. Adoption of AI & ML models to build applications are expected to grow at a rapid rate (surge of 500% from 2019 to 2023) due to its flexibility and scalability.

The growth rate for AI Market is estimated to grow at a 38% CAGR in the coming years. This massive growth brings with it a huge opportunity for infrastructure and technology providers to address the demand.

However, building and handling of such advanced data solutions and AI driven modern applications are highly complex and are resource intensive with models taking up to petabytes of data for analyzing and inference. Storage and management of such amounts data are one of the challenges along with the compute resources required to run them.

Though most business prefer these applications; many don’t have the required infrastructure to build or run them. Resource restrictions, skill gap and lack of investment for modern infrastructure makes this a challenge for businesses to implement these modern solutions natively.

Businesses should strategically approach this complexity by deploying cloud technologies like cognitive APIs, microservices, Kubernetes and containers that can help simplify the complicated process of building and deploying modern applications.

Enter – VMware Data Solutions

VMware Data Solutions offers a modern way to store, manage, and process data, addressing the challenges developers, infrastructure teams, and operators face in deploying microservices, and other modern application architectures at scale. The cloud-based data services give development teams the freedom to choose the right data service for each specific workload depending on the need. By choosing the right data services, developers can realize the speed and productivity of self-service and automated provisioning of storage resources and data management capabilities.

So, what are the benefits of Data Solutions?

Accelerated time to market

On-demand caching, efficient messaging, and distributed data accelerate and simplify high-performance, cloud native apps. Choosing the right data services reduces the total amount of custom code developers must write.

On-demand self-service access

Developers are usually able to provision custom instances of the data solutions they need on demand. Automated provisioning supports rapid development, testing, and continuous delivery across clouds.

Data management at web scale

Data services run at scale on any cloud and may incorporate features such as built-in backups, monitoring, and high availability to facilitate successful operations.

Built-in security

Modern data services include security that’s built in rather than bolted on, including the latest capabilities for authentication and authorization, and encryption for passwords, certificates, and other secrets as well as data in flight

VMware Data Solutions is being recognized as a powerful part of the entire VMware portfolio, that enables our partners and users to succeed in adopting modern approaches to data collection, management, movement, and analytics – along with the wider multi-cloud and virtualization capabilities.

With VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions, we enable our partners to offer multi tenanted data services that help them capture and service new and modern workloads. This also brings them the opportunity to enhance and expand their service capabilities from Infrastructure as a Service to multi tenanted Kubernetes provider to data services provider.

With the release of VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions 1.2, we empower our partners with the modern tools to capture data workloads by extending the support for messaging and efficient database services. This version brings support to both MongoDB Enterprise and MongoDB community versions with the previously supported stack of VMware SQL and PostgreSQL along with VMware RabbitMQ.

VMware is committed to extend and enhance its support to fully empower partners and users with a comprehensive set of data management and data solution tools. We have in pipeline plans to introduce Greenplum and Cassandra support in the coming days.

Kindly check out the technical overview blog. You can also watch the quick demo and refer to the documentations page. For more information please refer to the release notes. Do visit our webpage for more information on product and resources.

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