Warren Community College Adds Degree Options

FAA Warren County Community CollegeWarren Community College Offers Degree Options in Precision Agriculture and Commercial Space Operations

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New Jersey’s Warren Community College is a leader in UAS education, offering one of the most rigorous flexible learning programs available.  Warren offers the training and practice required for students to enter the workforce and become immediate contributors after graduation.

Warren offers an affordable, flexible and applicable education in all aspects of the drone industry for a wide range of learners: from recent high school graduates to students switching careers.  From the beginning, they’ve provided an enviable lab of technology and rigorous standards, resulting in an impressive employment rate after graduation.

Now, Warren Community College is expanding their curriculum further to offer new focus and degree options in precision agriculture and commercial space operations.  With an expanded robotics lab and new drone tech, students have the opportunity to learn on the best technology available – developing the skills that employers need.

“Embry Riddle and famed drone attorney Jonathan Rupprecht have advised on equipment, regulations, and educational practices to help WarrenUAS become a leader in the field of precision agriculture,” says Warren President Dr. Will Austin.  “Students will be able to access the unique training in the fall of 2023, with program developers continuing to work with leaders in agriculture and university experts in the specific use of drones in farming to develop course parameters and make certain students have access to the latest equipment. Options for both a college degree or non-credit training are available to those looking to enter this emergent field within the drone community.”

In addition to precision agriculture, the WarrenUAS program has added a degree option in Commercial Space Operations. “From recent commercial space launches to the reemergence of lunar exploration, the growth in commercial space applications is unprecedented,” Austin says. “WarrenUAS has developed a program option in their uncrewed systems degree to study this field as applied to the current global space industry. The program offers a broad understanding of the different aspects of the global space industry, the potential use of robotics and AI in space exploration, advanced thermography and remote sensing, with a special concentration on how uncrewed systems will be used in exploration, mining, climate change data collection, and in the realization of business use cases that will expand the global economy beyond our planet.”

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