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Web Designer Salary in India in 2023

Digital Media has constantly been evolving in recent years, and as a result, web design has become one of the most demanding jobs. Larger companies, or even the small ones, need an appealing website to generate views and make it easier for their users or audience to have a good working experience. If you are technically inclined and have a knack for creativity, a career as a Web Designer would be perfect for you!

The following blog is an easy read about having a career in web design, what steps one can follow to be an excellent web designer, and the web designer salary in India in 2023.

We live in a world that caters to the virtual world. Nowadays, everything is available on the internet. Let’s say you want to learn more about a subject, all you need to do is type in the required words on the internet, and you’ll be taken to various websites that can provide you with the required information. The ones who create these websites and design them are the web designers.

User compatibility and interface are important to ensure that there is increased traffic on the respective web page or web application. A web designer must ensure that the design is adaptive to the customer’s needs. They are responsible for ensuring that websites are dynamic, aesthetically pleasing, and interactive. The demand for web designers has increased, and thus, web designer salary has increased as well. Before we learn about the salary trends, let us understand who a web designer is.

Who is a Web Designer?

A Web designer is a programmer who explicitly focuses on the complete canvas of a website – everything we click, see, retrieve or use to input is the work of a web designer. Certainly, one must have technical knowledge and be creatively sound. They combine both design and technology to present the efficacy of a website’s backend in a way that is easier to use by the users. 

In simpler terms, Web designers are responsible for building or redesigning a website. They make the functionality easy to use and make it look appealing. The more skills one learns, the more the web designer’s salary in India increases. 

What are the responsibilities of a web designer?

The knowledge of a web designer depends on the extent of his knowledge and know-how. Given below are some of the responsibilities that are expected of a web designer to make sure the out is efficient and top-notch-

  • Designing, maintaining, and creating easy-to-use and attractive web pages/websites 
  • Creating a design layout/user interface by using languages such as HTML/CSS/Java
  • Be open to critics and communicate effectively to advocate everyone’s views and have a hassle-free atmosphere.
  • Be up to date with the current trends and responsible for the expanding and scaling up of the website. 
  • Validating routines and test cases to ensure the smooth functioning of the program on all device types and browsers. 
  • Attending conferences, participating in discussions, workshops studying and reading about innovations, and refining one’s skill set. 
  • Look into industry trends and emerging technology to determine the user’s needs.
  • Coordinating with the other developers to make sure that the applications are in sync. 

All in all, a web designer must have the right skill set and must be communicative and dedicated to their profession. 

Skills Required to become a Web Designer

In this section, we’ll list the common web designer skills required for you to build a career in the field. Some of the web design skills are as follows:

  • Knowledge of server-side CSS
  • In-depth understanding of the core design principles
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Great written and oral communication skills
  • A solid understanding of SEO practices
  • Ability to create a responsive and adaptive web design
  • Knowledge of graphic design applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Procreate.

Basic Programming Languages and Prerequisites for a Web Designer

Let us look at what are the languages and skillsets you must have to be able to become a successful web designer.

1. JavaScript

When we talk about web development and software development, one of the mandatory web developer or full stack developer skills is JavaScript. It is an object-oriented scripting language and is used to add behavior using HTML. JavaScript is a widely used programming language that can natively run in the browser and on the server side as well. It is useful for writing back-end and front-end code.

Knowledge of JavaScript can help create web pages with numerous features such as prototypes, event delegation, functions, and closure.


Both HTML and CSS are important to web designing skills and a prerequisite to getting started as a web designer. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. While HTML is useful to add web content, CSS is helpful to personalize this content and design/style the website. These programming languages are helpful in deciding how the website would look. It plays an important role in bringing customers to your website. If a website is poorly designed, the audience would click off and find a different website that is well-designed and easy to use.

Being proficient in HTML and CSS to create an interactive and engaging front-end application will directly affect a web designer’s salary and ensure higher pay.

3. Excellent design skills

Excellent design skills are a must if you wish to work as a Web Designer. Basic design skills are crucial to make the website look appealing attractive to its users. A user-friendly design always performs better. Knowing design properties, UI/UX, scalability, prototypes, etc., is a must.

4. Soft skills

Apart from the web designer skills mentioned above, a few other soft skills to be kept in mind are:

  • Curiosity to learn
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical thought-process
  • Time Management skills
  • Patience
  • Creative Vision

What are the few main steps to becoming a web designer?

The role of a graphic designer might seem a little daunting; however, nothing is too hard if coupled with a passion for the subject and the dedication to achieve. 

A graphic designer must have the right combination of both hard skills and soft skills. 

Step 1: Practice, practice, and more practice 

Creating and putting together an excellent website/webpage requires a plethora of skills. These are also best learned in a classroom setting or under the guidance of a teacher. It’s quite possible to acquire jobs as a self-taught designer, but completing a degree provides one with the necessary foundational skills. One must also fully use the benefits of the internet and gather the know-how. Nevertheless, practice is a must, and one should develop the ability to re-read and refine their skills. 

Step 2: Read and learn

It’s important to stay up to date with the evolution of technology and current trends. A motivated and passionate designer should try to seek additional instruction, read and look into the insights of modern designs, aesthetics, colors, and layouts and try to make the website easier to use and implement.

Step 3: Certificates

Getting hands-on vital industry certificates helps designers to enhance their career prospects. Certificates validate a comparatively high degree of expertise and aptitude in key fortes of the industry. The certificate also provides employers with a target of the applicant’s skill. You can take up a Graphic design course to enhance you knowledge and earn a certificate.

Step 4: Build a brand

Having a strong portfolio that one can present to employers that showcase past projects is important. One must have a network of business associates and colleagues that they can tap for work, such as job prospects, education, collaboration, and freelance projects. A novice web designer can build their brand by connecting to industry organizations and being a part of relevant conferences and events that foster networking. One should strive with a high degree of excellence and respect peers and employees. 

Demand for Web Designers in India

Web Design has grown immensely over the past few years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of digital and web designers is projected to grow 8% from 2019-2029. This is much faster than most other job profiles and occupations. Why has the demand for web designers in India grown over the past few years? Let’s find out.

1. Growth Landscapes

The industry itself is growing. Due to this, there is a rise in the demand for experts in web design. As we enter the digital era, most people spend their time online. Be it on social media or websites and applications; the digital industry is growing. The expansion of the digital space is seen across the globe, and there is massive room for entering the field at the moment.

2. Increase in Demand

There is a soaring demand for web designers in India. Be it startups or multinational companies from any industry; everyone is looking to hire talented web designers. This is one of the reasons why web designers’ salary has increased in India.

3. Increase in Job Opportunities

Due to an increase in demand, there is an increase in job opportunities as well. Companies are hiring web designers and aim to employ even more in the upcoming few years.

4. Lack of Skilled Employees

There is a lack of employees who have the required knowledge about Web Design. This lack of job-ready employees is the perfect opportunity to upskill with the help of free online courses.

What is the average salary in India in 2022?

An average web designer’s salary in India is ₹2,87,600 per annum (₹368.70 per hour). However, the salary could vary from ₹1,22,650 to ₹6,50,000 depending on numerous factors such as location, experience, company profile, etc.

Given below are the primary factors that may affect the salary of a Web Designer:

  • Location
  • Company
  • Experience
  • Skillset

Web Designer Salary based on Experience

After graduation, the candidate is often fresh out of learning, and the company might have to invest a lot of time in newbies to get them in and around the corporate world. Hence, there is always a difference in the salaries of an experienced web designer to that of a new one.

According to Payscale, the average salary of entry-level web designers in India is ₹195,857. In your early career, the salary offered to a web designer in India is ₹255,450. A mid-level web designer’s salary in India is ₹410,065. The average salary of an experienced web designer salary in India is ₹578,314.

Work Experience Average Salary (INR)
Entry-level web designer ₹195,857
Early career ₹255,450
Mid-level web designer ₹410,065
Experienced web designer ₹578,314

Web Designer Salary based on Location

Opportunities for a job and the annual salary of a web designer are seen to be the highest in Bangalore. Web designers from Bangalore and Mumbai usually earn 8% – 25% more than the others. 

Web Designer Salary based on Skills

The field of design and media is evolving at a fast pace; hence, it is vital for one to stay updated. The specialization and technical skills you possess are some of the major factors that may define your salary. Possessing a skill set that is unique will give you an upper hand over your competitors. 

Web Designer Skills Average Salary (INR)
Web Design ₹269,619
Adobe Photoshop ₹292,125
Adobe Dreamweaver ₹273,921
CSS ₹250,721
HTML5 ₹258,145

Web Designer Salary based on Company

The company you choose to work in also plays a major role in deciding your package. If you are hired by a large-cap company like Microsoft or Google, your salary will definitely be higher than those at lower mid-cap companies. 

What is the average salary of a web designer in other countries?

USA- $56,000
UK- $23,000

Key reasons to become a Web Designer

There are many reasons you might want to pursue web designing, it may be because you’re passionate about it, or it could be something that your current job demands. While there are many reasons, let us pinpoint a few important ones of those:

Increasing Demand

Demand for web designers with relevant skill sets is in high demand. Organizations tend to look for candidates that can perform the task and give the best results.

Lucrative Salary

As web designers can work with multiple technologies and frameworks, they are mostly offered handsome salary. While one might start with a basic salary, it can quickly go up with experience and knowledge.


Being a web designer is all about being creative and thinking out of the box. You can help companies build a brand with your creative flair.


You will be exposed to different technologies, frameworks, skills, and more when you are working as a web designer. Through this, you can easily upskill yourself and grow in your career.


For anyone with a passion for coding and a creative side, web designing is a rewarding and worthwhile field. However, your pay shouldn’t be limited to these factors; the better you are at what you do, the more respect you get. Looking to learn web design? Check out our web designing course online free with certificate! This course will teach you the basics of web design, from HTML and CSS to creating responsive web pages. You’ll also learn how to design for different screen sizes, create user-friendly interfaces, and add interactivity with JavaScript. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills you need to create professional-looking websites that look great on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is web designing a high-paying job?

A web designer can earn between 10k to 35k in a month, depending on their experience, skillset, and knowledge. As you gain more experience, the pay can be increased to a substantial amount.

Is web designing in demand?

According to a study, the field of web designing is expected to grow by 27% by the year 2024. This implies that not only the field but also the web designing professionals will be in high demand.

Is web design hard?

Web designing may seem a little challenging in the beginning, but once you pick up the pace and understand the flow of the concept you need to learn, it won’t seem difficult. Many resources are available online to help you understand how web designing works.

What are the skills required for a web designer?

Following are the skills that are expected from a web designer:

▪ HTML, CSS & JavaScript
▪ UI/UX & Visual Design
▪ Communication
▪ Time Management
▪ Problem-solving
▪ Attention to Detail

How long does it take to become a web designer?

Once you are done with your 4 years of bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field, it may take a few weeks to become a web designer. It depends on how much you already know and how much you need to be trained further.