Weekly poll: do you use a screen protector and a case?

A couple of years ago we asked you whether you still use a screen protector and case – back then most users had a glass protector and a silicone case guarding their phone. Has that changed? Let’s find out.

An IP rating is pretty common these days, especially in the high-end segment and even in the mid-range. Plus, Corning keeps releasing more and more durable Gorilla Glass versions. In theory, your phone is tough enough to go commando.

Still, there’s a chance that something will break – replacing the screen of a Galaxy S23 Ultra costs $320, for an iPhone 14 Pro Max you would be looking at a $380 bill. Of course, both Samsung and Apple (and others) offer insurance plans, e.g. Samsung Care+ and AppleCare+ subscribers can get those same displays replaced for just $30. These come with a monthly cost, however.

There are other reasons to put your phone in a case too – for the looks, for the extra grip, for the kickstand, for a place to stash a couple of credit cards, etc.

As for the screen protector, there is really only one reason to have one – protection. Many phones come with one pre-installed from the factory, this is especially true for foldables that have vulnerable internal displays.

So, does your phone have a screen protector? What about a case?