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What is PPC? Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing to Grow Business

The recent technological boom has resulted in the majority of global businesses to run online. In such a scenario, PPC marketing has become one of the best ways by which an e-commerce website can advertise brands and commodities to attract potential customers. In fact, a study by Hanapin Marketing in 2019 suggests that 79% of all the surveyed marketers believe that PPC is extremely beneficial for businesses.

PPC is an internet marketing structure where an advertiser purchases website visits. PPC ads can be published on social networking sites as well as search engines. Several PPC networks work as the host. The most common ones being Google & Bing. However, the rates of such advertisements vary from host to host.

Vitality of PPC

Pay-Per-Click ads are crucial because they attract end-users to visit the advertiser’s website and purchase a commodity. It is a paid process by which marketers and business owners ensure more website traffic at a given point in time. 

As per the study of Hanapin Marketing commenced in 2018, 62% of global marketers have said that they are planning to increase the PPC budget in the years to come. Another study of 2019 by Search Engine Land showed that 49% of the people stated that they click on text ads. Out of which 16% of the people get attracted to video ads and 31% to shopping ads. 

So, you can see why PPC marketing can be a basic necessity for your e-commerce or business-related website. Here, we present a complete guideline on how to execute PPC marketing and improve sales. 

Things to know about PPC Marketing

To execute proper PPC marketing, you have to know about several things related to the process. They are:

PPC platforms are the hosts that manage the presence of the PPC ads. Some leading paid-ad platforms in the market are Microsoft Ads and Google Ads. 

Both of these platforms are well-acclaimed for providing outstanding results in the case of PPC ads. Where Google Ads has a tie-up with several companies, Microsoft has an enormous amount of desktop searchers.

All PPC marketing works take place concerning an account of a businessman. PPC experts design campaigns keeping all the crucial aspects in mind like:

Subcategories: Subcategories are also known as ad groups. It deals with the variation of the theme on which a client wants to make a PPC ad. 

Keywords: Keywords are more specific versions of ad groups that are made according to the probable queries of the end-users.

PPC experts design different keywords according to the relevance of the ad content. Negative keywords are also added to a specific keyword.

Example: Specific keyword: Mobile phone; Negative keyword: Cheap Mobile phone.

Advertisement copies can be of different types when it comes to PPC marketing. To ensure successful marketing, an ad designer has to follow Google’s (or any other host’s) norms when writing the ad contents. Google has set up a character limit for headlines, description lines, and paths that can be written on the ad copy.

There are specific sizes for image Ads and PLAs (Product Listing Advertisements) that one must follow to upload images on the search engines properly.

Steps to Carry Out a PPC Campaign Strategy

As a digital marketer, you must have a clear idea about the steps that can lead to a fruitful PPC campaign. Remember that no PPC marketing can be successful without a strategic campaign. Steps for a PPC campaign are given below:

It would be best if you were clear about what you want from a PPC ad. If you are clear about your expectations, PPC experts can easily make a note of which platform to choose and what approach to take.

You can expect a PPC to enhance traffic on your website. This means that you can get more leads and can finally improve your sales. PPC marketers should know about making ad content that not only attracts people but makes them aware of the brand.

If you are investing in PPC marketing to get more sales via your website, make sure your audience targeting is right. The people who design PPCs can target a mass depending upon the type of your business. 

Keywords can play a vital role in this case. Generally, three types of keywords are used in a PPC campaign like informational, transactional, and navigational.

The transactional keywords can manipulate an end-user to buy a commodity. So it is suitable if you are selling commodities. In case you deal with services, informational keywords can be ideal as it can inform the consumers. Finally, if you are into the software business, the navigational keywords can be advantageous as it adds resources. 

  • PPC Campaign and Social Media

A vital aspect of PPC marketing is setting a PPC campaign on social media sites. You can get huge traffic on your website if your PPC ad shows up on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To ensure the success of PCC marketing among social media audiences, you can take the support of the features like audience insights and audience targeting. It will help you to observe the type of audience who have clicked on your PPC ad.

  • Landing Page and Ad Designing

Some aspects of ad designing for PPC are already mentioned above. However, the ad designer has the sole responsibility to maintain those norms. As the marketer for the ad campaigns, you should check if it is properly followed.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind about PPC ads is its relevance. Moreover, the people who are designing your ads must implement multiple ways to present information. This leads your PPC ad to be unique. Furthermore, you should check if it is optimized properly.

PPC marketing reaches a satisfactory level if it carries the USP of the brand, and the end-users can relate to it. Moreover, take care of the upkeep of your website. PPC marketing can drastically fail if the end-user fails to land on the right page of your website.

Frequently check for the broken links present on your website and eradicate them. These works can be done by your web designing team efficiently if you are a non-technical person. 

Final Words

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the paid option that you can choose for increasing sales on your site. Many proprietors cannot afford PPC ads due to the regular charges they need to give to the platforms. 

If you are planning to execute PPC marketing for your business or brand, try to concentrate on the aspects of the PPC campaign. Always try to communicate with the team that is handling the PPC design and all other aspects related to it. 

However, to observe the results of PPC marketing, you need to analyze the strategy. There are different traits you can check like conversion rate, quality score, cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, Return on and ad spend. 

The PPC company you choose can help you access the data. This data will not only help you understand the level of outcome from the PCC marketing, but also help the PCC expert team to take the necessary steps to ensure more traffic on your website.

If you desire to see your business rapidly improving in terms of sales and profit, try to execute PPC marketing properly. If you wish to learn more such concepts, you can take up the PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing by Great Learning.