What to know about Twitch streamer Kai Cenat, whose event snarled an NYC park

Cenat is a Brooklyn-born, Bronx-raised content creator and video streamer who over the past five years has steadily built an online fan base in the millions on YouTube and Twitch, the Amazon-owned platform popular with online gamers. (Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, and Washington Post interim CEO Patty Stonesifer sits on Amazon’s board).

Cenat, who now resides in Atlanta, began making videos on YouTube and Vine in 2018 as a high-schooler. He briefly studied business administration at State University of New York at Morrisville before dropping out to focus full-time on content creation.

Cenat is among the most-watched streaming stars 0n the internet, propelled largely by a youth audience that tunes in for rambunctious videos of pranks, chats or even to watch him sleep.

With 6.5 million Twitch followers, Cenat is the most-subscribed to user on the platform, which includes tens of thousands of paid subscribers. On YouTube, he commands a following of more than 4 million subscribers.