White Fox Defense Counter Drone Security

White Fox Defense counter drone tech securityCA-based WhiteFox Defense was deployed to protect the 78th United Nations General Assembly, held in September.  Counter drone technology is now playing and important part in security operations worldwide.

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“Drones have increasingly been used in conflicts such as the one in Ukraine, highlighting the urgent need for effective counter-drone measures in high-profile events like the UN General Assembly,” said the WhiteFox announcement.  Counter drone technology systems like WhiteFox’s STRATUS system provide drone detection and tracking technologies that allow security personnel to locate unauthorized and potentially threatening drones in the airspace.

WhiteFox’s cloud-based system was integrated into the security architecture of the event.

“Ensuring the safety of world leaders and participants at the United Nations General Assembly is a top priority, and we are proud to have provided cutting-edge counter-drone technology to enhance security measures,” said Luke Fox, CEO of WhiteFox Defense. “Our WhiteFox STRATUS system played a crucial role in detecting and mitigating potential threats, offering a higher level of security for this global gathering.”

Some counter drone systems require permanent or semi-permanent installation of ground-based detection systems: but WhiteFox STRATUS can be used for flexible security operations.  “WhiteFox STRATUS is user-friendly and efficient, requiring no device setup from users. With customizable geofences and notification criteria, WhiteFox STRATUS can precisely track, report, and log drone activity as it unfolds. This real-time monitoring ensures that any unauthorized drone activity is swiftly identified and addressed.”

WhiteFox’s drone detection technology was implemented at Hudson Yards in New York City. In addition to enhancing security on the premises, the data collected by WhiteFox STRATUS was provided to federal and local law enforcement agencies, contributing to the overall safety of the event.

Ryan Plunket, Chief Security Officer at Related Companies, commented, “WhiteFox Defense’s technology has proven to be a valuable tool in ensuring the safety and well-being of the Hudson Yards community.”

Counter drone technology is increasingly important not only for security operations, but to enable commercial drone operations around sensitive areas like airports and energy infrastructure.  While the technology has advanced to offer aircraft detection, current laws prevent mitigation – interfering with a drone in flight – except by the Department of Justice under special circumstances, such as special security events.

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