Would You Use a Drone to Secure Your Home?

As an added point of interest, Vivint asked ChatGPT to define the perfect home security system.  The top feature of the perfect AI solution was “cameras and sensors that cover all entry points and common areas.”   If a yard is “common area,” a drone might offer a better and more comprehensive solution for coverage, when used in conjunction with stationary cameras.

Speaking with DRONELIFE, a Vivint spokesperson says that the growing acceptance of AI technology in the residential space is positive for the home security space.

Remote monitoring, personal detection, and highly customizable automation are just a few of the key features that we’ve been able to perfect through recent AI advancements.

It is encouraging to see consumers reporting an increased preference for AI in the smart home space, as our study shows that 3 in 8 homeowners who do not currently utilize AI-powered solutions are now considering integrating AI into their security systems.  Additionally, 67% of respondents say they would be willing to pay more for AI-enhanced security.