Latest Spydish can now prevent the installation of major Windows 10 updates

The latest version of the Windows application Spydish introduces support for preventing Windows Update to offer and install new feature updates on the device.

Spydish is a relatively new program for Windows 10 by the maker of the deprecated program Debotnet. It provides system administrators with options to make important privacy and security changes to the system in a single operation. You can check out our in depth review of Spydish here, or check out our overview of  Windows 10 privacy programs here.

The latest version of Spydish is available on the project’s GitHub repository. Just download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the application to your system, extract the 44 Kilobyte archive, and run the executable once the extraction completes.

Note that you should run the program with elevated rights and that you may get a Windows SmartScreen warning prompt when you run the application.

spydish windows 10 feature updates block

You find the new option under Updates, it is called Block major updates. The new feature uses the recently discovered Registry hack to define the desired version of Windows 10 on the device. It can be used to stay on the active version, e.g. Windows 10 version 1909, or specify a version of Windows 10 that the device should be upgraded to.

The Spydish implementation supports the first option. If you enable the option, Spydish will set the keys in the Registry so that the current version is selected as the target version. In other words: Windows 10 won’t offer newer feature updates on the device.

The only exception to the rule is when the active version is about to run out of support. Microsoft will push updates to devices that will run out of support before that happens, and the Registry key won’t prevent the company from doing so.

It is possible to set the Registry keys manually as well, as described in our guide that we published last week. The main advantage that Spydish offers is that it is nearly automated, the disadvantage that you cannot use it to specify a version that you want the device to be upgraded to.

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