Mullvad VPN codes are now available on Amazon

Swedish VPN provider Mullvad has expanded the accepted payment methods to include Mullvad VPN codes bought on Amazon to the list.

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Mullvad VPN is a privacy-first VPN provider that does several things differently than most of the VPN providers out there. This starts with the flat monthly pricing rate that does not change the longer you subscribe to the service. Recently, the company announced that it would drop recurring subscriptions to further improve user privacy.

Speaking of payments, Mullvad VPN customers have access to plenty of options already, including cash, Bitcoin, bank wire, credit card, PayPal and others. Some of these guarantee total anonymity, others not so much.

The latest addition are Mullvad VPN gift cards that customers may purchase from Amazon. The cards are available for $60, currently discounted by 5%, and that gives users 12 months of access to the service on up to 5 devices.

image source: Mullvad

Scratching the designated area on the physical gift card reveals the voucher code. Mullvad VPN customers may enter the code on the provider’s website to generate an account number and start using the service. It is furthermore possible to give the code to someone else.

While the gift card payment option may sound like a bad thing for privacy, it is not actually. When you buy the card on Amazon, Amazon is aware that you purchased a gift card. What the shopping giant does not know is the actual code that is on the card. Mullvad VPN on the other hand accepts the code, but it can’t link the payment to the Amazon user account.

Mullvad notes on its blog:

The design of the activation code removes the possibility for third parties to link a payment to a Mullvad account, for privacy.

The new gift card payment method adds another option to the growing list of supported payment methods. Some payment options provide even better privacy, but they may not be available to everyone.

The gift cards are available already on the Amazon US, SE and DE stores. The company plans to launch them soon on other Amazon Stores, including UK, NO, AU, NL, FR, ES and CH.

Now You: are you subscribed to a VPN? How did you pay?

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